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Power generation is the largest water-consuming industry in North America. Each day, over 200 billion gallons of water are used to produce thermoelectric power. A power plant uses water across all of its production units — boilers, cooling, and other utility processes. MI Systems focuses on maximizing the efficiency of water use from boiler feedwater production to recycling of cooling tower blowdown. Powered by END® technology, these solutions add value to the bottom line while reducing risk due to water supply limitations and regulatory compliance.

Mining waste often contains harmful contaminants that must be removed prior to discharge in order to meet environmental regulations. The contaminated wastewater resulting from the dewatering process can be harmful to the environment. Thus, the ability to clean water is essential for operations of mines. Today’s mining operations are increasingly complex and water intensive as they require constant access to a high-quality water supply and sustainable solutions for treating wastewater . MI Systems’ innovative solutions recover the maximum amount of water while reducing overall costs to help mining companies maintain profitability and ensure environmental compliance. Valuable resources can also be recovered during the wastewater treatment process to maximize the value of treatment.
Food & Beverage

Large volumes of water are used as both an ingredient as well as in the plant sanitation process for Food & Beverage processors around the world. The navigation of water use and efficiency is a critical factor for success when pairing sustainability goals along with associated water and wastewater costs. Food and Beverage processors are investing in sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions to keep up with the demands of consumers while maintaining low operating costs. Our END® technology is designed to keep food and beverage production flowing smoothly while adding value to the bottom line through water supply and discharge cost savings.

When treating water for municipalities, the challenge goes beyond just producing the required quality and quantity. As effluent water quality regulations have become stricter, the need for high-quality municipal wastewater treatment solutions has continued to grow. Growing population needs, variable water sources, increasing water source scarcity, and regulatory pressures all combine to increase complexity. Municipal treatment plants require reliable water and wastewater treatment technologies to effectively produce high quality water and meet discharge regulations. Our END® technology is NSF 61 certified and designed to reliably produce on-quality potable water while getting the most out of every drop from your water source.

Industries across North America use more than 20 billion gallons of water every day. Chemical plants are able to use this water in a multitude of ways ranging from cooling to process make up to product rinsing. MI Systems is able to meet the needs of chemical producers by providing safe, efficient, and reliable equipment for water and wastewater treatment. Our wastewater treatment solutions from RO concentrate recovery to cooling tower blowdown recycle, help maximize water supply, reduce costs, and achieve regulatory compliance.
Oil & Gas

The hydraulic fracturing process requires a significant amount of relatively fresh water. A single horizontal well can use several millions of gallons of relatively fresh water. The fracking process also creates flowback water during development of the well and produced water over the life of the well. The integral use of water in the fracking process makes water and wastewater treatment a key factor for successful operations. Water for drilling and recovery of flowback or produced water often requires salt manipulation to create fresh water or high-quality brine. MI Systems delivers innovative water technology solutions that increase safety, reduce risk, improve economics, and recover valuable resources.

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