Brian McDonald

As Senior Engineer, Brian leads the product development effort at MIS by identifying and implementing strategies to improve performance of the core technology.  He acts as the project manager for deploying the END(™) technology to the field. In addition, he acts as the chair for MI Systems’ Intellectual Property committee.

Mr. McDonald specializes in emerging technologies with experience in design, optimization, and manufacturing. His work for start-ups and research institutions has resulted in development of patented technologies and journal publications. Mr. McDonald’s engineering efforts have included personal and industrial product design, design for manufacturability, renewable energy technologies and medical devices.

Mr. McDonald gained experience developing industrial processes while working as a process engineer for a biomass energy company.  This work included development of wastewater treatment and emissions control technologies. Prior to his work in the renewable energy industry, Mr. McDonald researched manufacturing processes to improve performance of direct methanol fuel cells.

Mr. McDonald holds humanities and mechanical engineering degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and a masters in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.


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