Development Status

By June 3, 2016News

The management and employees of MI Systems are passionate about our company and its technology.

We are currently designing and manufacturing our Prototype 7 of the desalination cell designed and initially developed by Grant Page. We have been able to meet some very demanding design requirements while also keeping costs lower than initially anticipated. This prototype will allow us to quickly test various process parameters with multiple chambers. It also has more versatile scale-up capabilities than the Version 6 prototype.

We have established our office in Houston and will be hiring about half a dozen permanent employees. We have sublet some office and manufacturing from OFI Testing Equipment. This is truly a win-win situation for both companies. Due to the drastic fall in oil prices, OFITE has some excess space and organizational capacity we are able to plug into. This is a first class space with a truly first class organization. OFITE is providing a variety of “infrastructure capabilities” to MI Systems – including furniture, phones, printers, IT support, OSHA compliance, safety programs, security, shipping & receiving, and material handling.

On the Business Development side, we continue to market our technology in our target industry – Upstream Oil & Gas. MI Systems personnel are making presentations to oil companies and at professional society meetings. As predicted, we are also feeling significant pull from other market sectors: including municipal, chemical, environmental remediation, and agriculture.

Please feel free to check our website periodically for updates to how we envision a bright future for MI Systems and its stakeholders.